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Chat with Chhaya: Zazie's Review

Whenever I travel to a place, I always scope out the best food options. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. If you're visiting San Francisco, you have to try Zazie's. It's a little French bistro that always has a wait. When you try the food, you'll understand why.

But before you venture out, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into... here are my tips to make sure it's smooth sailing and you have the best Zazie experience.


My first tip is to get there early and get your name on the list. Second, make sure your entire party is present. They will not seat you if someone is parking. Everyone must be together and ready to walk in. Third, if you are waiting you can go next door to the bar and they will come to call your name. There are often sports playing on TV at the bar so you can pass the time quickly. Fourth, seating outside of the restaurant in the front is first come, first serve but you are very close to other customer who are waiting in line for food. Fifth, garden patio seating is heated and is a great place to sit as well. It's a covered patio so you can avoid the elements. Sixth, there is a restroom but it is a single bathroom so the lines can get long.

What to Eat:

The Miracle pancakes are absolutely amazing. They are pricey but the buttermilk, sour cream, and fluffy texture is amazing. As I've grown up, I grew away from eating pancakes, but this is one I could eat and feel transported to the time when eating pancakes was such a magical moment.

My favorite pancake is the Sour Cream poppyseed pancake. It comes with lemon curd and strawberries. The lemon is so fresh!

They also give you butter and syrup, but all you need is some honey and it's enough to balance this pancake.

I've had the butternut squash soup here and it too is also delicious. The soup has so many spices that work so well and it's perfect for a cold day. It reminds me of Indian spices like cumin and mustard seeds. Very good!

My favorite salad is the Salade Guillaume. It is only available from April to August so make sure you take note before you go!

The salad is light, simple, and uses flower petals which makes this salad feel like a treat.

Friends have ordered the plain buttermilk pancakes and the eggs Benedict and they have enjoyed those choices as well.

Fun Fact:

You do not tip at Zazie. Although it seems pricey, the prices make sure their employees are taken care of. The prices include a living wage, revenue sharing, paid sick leave, full health and dental benefits, paid parental leave, and a 401K. You can check if they're hiring now ;)


Street Parking Available. You can also park in the surrounding neighborhood so long as you pay attention to signs. In SF, you can get a ticket for not turning your wheels a certain way, so pay attention to signs.

Final Grade: A

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