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Chat with Chhaya: The Importance of Recognition and Attribution

Attribution is incredibly important. According to Google, to attribute means "regard something as being caused by (someone or something)". When you use a photo or quote someone, you mention where the quote came from. That is to attribute. As humans we are constantly learning so when we learn something new, we adapt to make it ours. However that information came from somewhere.


- A child learns to ride a bicycle. ATTRIBUTE to parents, friends, a coach.

-A novice baker learns to make a cake. ATTRIBUTE to a cookbook, chef, blog.

-A journalist interviews someone, she attributes the quote.

Attribution also applies to photocopy and giving credit where credit is due, especially in today's society with social media. If someone takes a photo of you, you can say PC (photo credit).

Attribution is closely tied with recognition. Recognizing when someone does something for you and acknowledging it is crucial.


-You got a good grade at school. RECOGNITION from your parents for it.

-You create a workshop for your tech job that is a massive success. RECOGNITION from team leads and members for all the work you did.

-You have an actor friend help you in a time of need. RECOGNITION giving them a shout out.

This isn't about ego, it's about telling yourself and others that "I see you, I understand you, I appreciate you, and I appreciate what you bring to the table." Think about a time someone did something kind for you, didn't it feel good? It felt good to them when you thank and acknowledged the kindness.

In a work setting, proper attribution and recognition is crucial for a solid career. Try it out. You never know how it'll change your life for the better.

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