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Chat with Chhaya: Easy Roti Recipe

Eating Indian food means there will be some type of carb. There are several types of Indian breads... like naan, poli, paratha, etc. Your mom's/dad's cooking is always incredible and since my mom was here for my birthday week, she's guest-starring on this week's episode. So we are showing you how to make easy Phulke (bread that puffs up). It's so good- you can eat it with your favorite veggie or meat dish!

Ingredients: -2 cups wheat flour or atta -1 tsp salt -1 tbl oil (olive is good) and a tsp of oil -Warm water as needed Directions: 1. In a parath (wide steel bowl/plate) or wide opening bowl, mix all the ingredients except water. Make a well in the mix and pour small amounts of water and mix it with your hand (or use kitchen aid mixture) until the dough is formed and can be kneaded easily and does it stick to your hand. Knead it until a smooth dough forms then add a tsp of oil and knead it all the way through. 2. Let it rest for ten minutes. 3. Use a frying pan and heat it med-hi or less depending on your stove. Take a grate and keep it on med-hi as well. 4. Make small dough using both palm in opposite circular motion to make a round golf ball size then flatten it in your palms 5. On a flat surface roll the flat dough patty in some dry flour on both sides and then using a rolling pin make a flat round poli. Sprinkle some dry flour as needed and be sure to roll the sides thin and keep the middle thicker. 6. Take the poli off the flat surface and plop it on the hot tava (frying pan). When the wet looking poli turns dry looking, turn it over, this side should not be cooked much. When that side has brown spots, flip the less cooked side onto the grate. Let it puff.

7. Take it off and place it in a container and crush the poli with your hands into a ball a couple of times, yes it is hot so be careful. Put a pat of ghee(clarified butter) or butter all around especially the edges.


Fun fact: A delicious childhood memory is to eat the hot poli with an extra ghee spread all over and sprinkled with sugar and rolled right into my eager hands and further into my mouth with my tummy as the final destination!

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