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Industry Insight: JS Mayank

Industry Insight is a series dedicated to answering your questions about this industry. You'll get insight from professionals that answer the questions you don't always get answered. That means insight from casting, writers, directors, and producers. This week's guest is JS Mayank who shares the writer/director perspective of three things actors should know.

According to Mayank, all actors must:

1) Watch film and television.

2) Make a choice.

3) Be word perfect.

If you want detailed examples you'll have to watch the video. You'll get casting room perspective :) If you have a guest you'd like to hear from or questions, please reach out!

Video Credits: I wrote, hosted, produced, directed, edited this segment. Music is by Ben Sound. It is totally possible to be a one woman band where you do it all. My guest, JS is very well-spoken and he made this segment amazing.

Making videos like this takes time and my key advice is to have patience when making them. Check everything twice.

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