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Chhaya & Tatyana: DIY Reed Diffuser & Essential Oil Uses

Essential Oils can help with so many things. Here's our top 10 essential oils and their health benefits.


1. Lavender

-Soothes and relax you

-Calms the nervous system

-Relieves heads and period cramps

-Bug repellant

2. Rose

-Improves depression

-Improves skin health with it's anti-bacterial properties. It opens the skin and can help treat blemishes.

-Helps with your libido and hormonal health.


3. Peppermint

-Reduces stomachaches

-Soothes digestive issues

-Relieves headaches


-Improves metal focus

-Clears respiratory tract

-Boosts energy

-Releases tight muscles

-Stimulates scalp

4. Eucalyptus

-Helps prevent colds and the flu

-Helps with allergies

-Can use on dryer balls for laundry

-Removes odors

-Air cleanser (kills mold)

5. Cypress

-Heals wounds and infections

-Removes toxins from the body

-Treats respiratory infections

-Natural deodorant

-Treats cellulite

6. Tea Tree

-Treats acne

-Bacterial infections

-Cold sores

-Fungal infections

-Household cleaners

-Oral health (homemade toothpaste)

-Anti-cancer benefits


7. Orange

-Increases circulation

-Kills bacteria

-Decreases wrinkles

-Helps with colds/flu

-House Cleaner


8. Lemon


-Remedy for abdominal pain

-Aids with cough relief

-Calms a rocky stomach

-Nourishes the skin

-Promotes weight loss

-Whitens Teeth

9. Grapefruit

-Cleansing the body

-Reducing depression

-Stimulates the immune system

-Curbs sugar cravings

-Helps with weight loss


-Kills candida


10. Clove

-Eliminates acne

-Kills parasites

-Improves blood circulation

-Boots energy

-Kills mold and fungus

-Kills candida

-Helps with tooth pain

To make your own reed diffuser...


1. 1/4 cup Hot Water

2. 1/4 cup Vodka

3. 25 drops of your favorite essential oils.


Mix your ingredients and enjoy!

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