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About Us: Getting To Know Chhaya & Tatyana

Two girls. One channel.

Welcome to our channel. By now you've seen we cover food, healthy lifestyle, travel, and culture.

But who are we?

Chhaya Nene comes from a journalism background where she has learn to become a one-woman band. That means she writes, shoots, produces, and edits her own material. As an actress, she's able to use those skills for her own channel, "Chat with Chhaya" and for this channel. Nene has reported and hosted from Virginia, Florida, England, France, India, and California.

Tatyana Figueiredo comes from Brazil where she was a model and actress. Since moving to the United States, she has learned English and how the industry works in this country. She continues to model and act in the states and manages the social media for this channel.

Figueiredo was making her own DIY beauty products and vegan food dishes before she began working with Nene.

Nene was working on her own channel covering food, culture, travel, and lifestyle.

The two met in acting class and became fast friends. It was on the drive to the screening of "All the Money In the World" that Nene asked Figueiredo if she would be interested in doing a channel with her.

Figueiredo agreed and ever since, the two have met and created the videos you see on our channel.

They started with coconut oil uses, showed you beauty hacks, shared delicious Valentine's Day chocolates and lip balms, made delicious St. Patty's Day treats, showed you the best places to see in San Diego, covered and attended the Indian Film Festival Los Angeles (gotta love the journo skills), easy vegan Oreos, made delicious vegan cheesecakes for Mother's Day, and made easy Suhur and Iftar snacks for Ramadan.

As the girls are from two separate cultures, they value and celebrate diversity with this channel. Their friendship is the magic behind the channel. When you do something with a friend, it makes the work easy and way more fun.

Should you have a holiday you want the girls to feature on their channel, please reach out!

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