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Chat with Chhaya: Sacre Coeur: Must See In Paris

Sacre Coeur in a Cathedrale in Paris located in a diverse neighborhood that offers stunning views

of the city. You can get to the top by train or stairs with an area in the middle to rest. Often times you'll find musicians and people selling trinkets. If you're hungry, bring a sandwich or a picnic to eat on the steps. You can also buy a crepe from the street vendor (I had at least two a day, they are fantastic).

If you're in the mood for shopping this area has so many souvenirs you'll be all set to get the gifts you need for your friends and family.

At the base of the cathedral there is a little carousel that is perfect for children...or adults who still believe in fun. Do it. It's a lot of fun :)

Montmarte is translated as Mount of the Martyrs it was a place of worship where Sacre Coeur was eventually built at the end of the 19th century.

You can learn all about the history behind the cathedral with a free downloadable audio guide.

You can also attend church services at the cathedral or you can go to visit and see the stunning stained glass. There are also children's choirs who sing while you visit and there is private mass options available.

Inside the cathedral, they have collectable gold coins that have the image of each monument or church that you can have at the end of your trip. I have all mine from when I was 10. And I'm happy I still do.

As a caution, there are signs everywhere to watch your pockets, pickpockets are popular in this area. Be alert. Store valuables around your ticket and tucked underneath your clothes.

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