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Chat with Chhaya: Lazy Lady's Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco has so many things to do and places to see. If you want a laid back approach to seeing the Bay Area, this is the way to go.

Start in the Mission at Diamond Cafe and come early. This cafe is located in Noe Valley and gets crowded pretty fast. Meals are simple, yet delicious. I was able to get four dishes plus coffees for $50.

You can customize all dishes to make them healthier. I ordered the Denver Omelet with egg whites and a fruit crepe with Nutella. The side salad is delicious and lightly dressed.

There is a small bathroom in the back, but it is a single so you'll have to wait a little if the restaurant is busy.

After you've finished breakfast, head over to the Farmer's Market in Noe Valley. You can get honey, fruits, vegetables, Girl Scout Cookies, and homemade soups. Plus there's live music and many more options for fresh fare. You can pick up a picnic lunch if you're so inclined. When you're ready to head to the city for some more sightseeing, take the BART to anywhere your heart desires. Public transportation in San Francisco is amazing and you really don't need a car to get around.

Your first stop off the BART is to visit Embarcadero. You'll be able to see the Ferry Building and get great

views of the Bay Bridge. Pick up some Blue Bottle coffee and you'll blend right in. Next head to Union Square where you'll be able to do some shopping at your favorite department stores like Macy's and Zara's. You can also ice skate or see any kind of tree lightings. There's usually a protest or a rally around this part of town, so you'll never feel like there's a lack of things to do.

When you're tired and ready to head back, stop in the Mission for some grub. The best low-key spot in town is El Farolito. The burritos and tacos are enormous. You will have leftovers which is a great thing because flavors at this place are spot on.

The place is in the Mission, so it can look sketchy, but I promise it's worth the walk. Get off at the 24th ST stop and you're all set. Just make sure you have cash. If you're a big sauce person, you can choose between a variety of spice levels. And when you're done with dinner, enjoy a night relaxing or nursing a food coma.

Stay tuned for more San Fran in a day posts coming soon!

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