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3 DIY Baking Soda Hacks

Baking Soda is that orange box your mother/father had sitting in the fridge. But WHAT was it doing there?

It traps odors which is great! But did you know baking soda can help with acne, bumps and rashes from waxing, soothing skin, and cleaning your oven?

There are many ways you can use baking soda in your life, here are just three that will save you money and is non-toxic!

1. Cleansing Facial Mask


-1 part baking soda

-1 part coconut oil


1) Mix both ingredients in a jar.

2) Apply to your face.

3) Put in on your face in circular motions for one minutes.

4) Leave on your face for 10-15 minutes.

5) Rinse off.

What to Expect:

-Brighter looking skin

-Helps fight acne or breakouts post waxing.

-Gets rid of excess oil


2. Detox Bath


-1 cup Epsom Salt

-1 cup Baking Soda

-3 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

-10 Drops Essential Oils


1) Add the salt.

2) Next add the baking soda.

3) Add coconut oil and essential oils.

4) Mix everything together and enjoy!

3. Oven Cleaner


-One whole lemon peel

-Apple cider/white vinegar

-Baking soda


1) In a jar, combine all ingredients.

2) Let sit for 5 days.

3) Transfer to a spray bottle.

4) When ready to clean, sprinkle baking soda on affected areas.

5) Spray your mixture.

6) The baking soda will bubble, but that's normal.

7) Wipe away with a sponge after 15 minutes.

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