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St Patty's Day Special: Vegan Matcha Brownies & Vegan Matcha Chocolate Bars

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We're so excited to celebrate the holiday with you all! Did you know that this holiday honors the patron saint, Saint Patrick? March 17th is the day the Saint passed away. Celebrations began back in the 17th century and include honoring the Irish culture and the time when Christianity came to Ireland. Today people celebrate by drinking and eating so we came up with two healthy vegan recipes you can eat and still feel good about.

The first is Raw Vegan Matcha Chocolate Bars.

Matcha Chocolate Bars

Matcha Filling Ingredients:

-2/3 cup raw cashews

-1/3 cup warm water

-1/3 cup melted coconut butter

-2 Tablespoons melted cacao butter

-3 Tablespoons Maple Syrup

-1 Tablespoon Matcha


1) Place all ingredients in your blender.

2) Blend together.

3) Pour into silicone molds or bread pan that 9x5 inches.

4) Freeze for 12 hours.

5) Remove matcha and dip into 2 cups of melted chocolate. You can use our Valentine's Day recipe for making chocolate or you can use your favorite one.

6) Coat both sides and place your bars on parchment paper.

7) Decorate with your favorite toppings.

8) Place back into the freeze to harden.

9) Enjoy!

Raw Vegan Matcha Brownies


-1 1/3 cup Pumpkin Seeds

-1 cup shredded coconut

-2/3 cups pitted dates

-1/2 cup dried fruit of your choice (we used apricots)

-1/3 cup cacao powder

-2 teaspoons matcha

-2 teaspoons vanilla extract

-4-10 teaspoons warm water

-1/4 teaspoon pink sea salt


1) Blend your pumpkin seeds and shredded coconut together till it's a fine powder texture.

2) Add each subsequent ingredient and blend together except for the water.

3) Start by adding four teaspoons of warm water to your mixture after you've blended it. Check the consistency. The mixture should stick together to create balls.

4) Add more water if needed.

5) Add your mixture to your bread pan or silicone

Matcha Frosting


-1/3 cup mashed avocado (equates to 1/2 an avocado)

-1/4 cup melted coconut oil

-4 Tablespoons warm water

-3 Tablespoons Maple Syrup

-1.5 teaspoons matcha

-1/2 teaspoon vanilla


1) Blend all ingredients together.

2) Pour over brownies.

3) Decorate your brownies.

4) Place in the fridge to harden.

5) Enjoy!!

Have a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day!

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